Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bohol Food Trip: Kan-anan Restaurant & Bar, Dumaluan Beach Resort

Kan-anan Restaurant & Bar
Dumaluan Beach Resort
Panglao, Bohol
February 12, 2011

After checking in to our seemingly pricey room at DBR (we booked a couple of weeks before HVD, that's why), we got hungry. So we decided to check out the in-house resto of this resort and the menu was more than enough to whet my appetite.

The menu with all the superlatives (to make you crave and order more, duh)

Fresh flowers and nice big jars

Grilled veggies (tomato, onion, eggplant, green bell pepper and zucchini)

Seafood pasta drenched in rich crab fat (sorry, forgot the dish name)

This dish is called "DBR Special". It's made of sweet ripe bananas wrapped in fatty bacon then deep fried and topped with hard-boiled eggs. Yummy!

Bohol Food Trip: The Prawn Farm

The Prawn Farm
G/F Island City Mall
Dampas District
Tagbilaran City
February 15, 2011

Before our flight to Manila, we dropped by at the Island City Mall for a quickie lunch. Since we didn't want to waste one precious minute...

... we flipped hurriedly through this haggard menu and told the wait staff in Cebuano (with my trying hard Boholano accent to complete my pleading) that we're in a hurry.

Hmmm.. Yes, my guess was right. This ain't a quickie lunch.

Drinks first. Four seasons for me and green mango shake for my fiancé

Clear beef broth to start with...

... and peanuts to make us wait and wait.

Finally, the main dishes arrived.

Grilled squid for fiancé

Grilled prawns for me. Hey, it's THE Prawn Farm after all. Yummy as in fresh & buttery.

Mango maja blanca to end our so-called quickie lunch.

Bohol Food Trip: Bohol Bee Farm

Bohol Bee Farm
Brgy. Dao, Dauis
Panglao, Bohol
February 14, 2011

For the greatest V-day ever in our lives, we decided to go to Bohol Bee Farm. Two major reasons kept me giddy happy en route to this famous farm in Panglao: (1) I just got engaged and (2) it's Happy Hearts Day! Although my Canon Ixus gave up on me 2 hours prior to our V-day lunch, I mustered enough guts to just let my worries be swept by the wind. Big, big effort on my part!

And a big, big effort to make this a candid shot.

Cabcab with pesto & mozzarella dip

Spicy ginger-mango & peanut butter-mango shakes

Just got engaged

Organic garden salad that made BBF famous & lasagna for me. Two thumbs up for the lasagna.

Grilled fish, organic red rice with camote and organic garden salad for fiance

I love the honey mustard dressing

Malunggay ice cream to end our HVD lunch

One and only downside is you have to endure a rocky ride (Panglao tourism people, hello!) before you immerse yourselves in this lovely farm.