Monday, February 21, 2011

Bohol Food Trip: Jo's Chicken Inato

Jo's Chicken Inato
Carlos P. Garcia East corner Matig-a Street
Tagbilaran City
Date of visit: February 13, 2011

We had our lunch at Jo's Chicken Inato before going to my father's hometown in Loay, Bohol.

It was a bad hair day for me, literally. From Dumaluan Beach Resort in Panglao where we stayed for 4D/3N, we rode a habal-habal (the ever reliable mode of transpo in Panglao, folks!) to the waiting shed, waited for almost 20 minutes for an old baby bus which brought us to Tagbilaran City, rode the jampacked baby bus (and finally met Spiderman - but that's another story) to the city and rode a tricycle to finally savor this much-talked about chicken meal!

Yes, a very long ride with fresh rural air. Forget the hair dryer.

The resto reminds me of the old houses in Bohol during my childhood days. Now, all you see are mansions, er, big concrete houses along the main road.

In lieu of those substandard napkins

Chicken inato meal for me

Kangkong to share

And chicken inato for my fiancé (yes, that's right!)

Buko pandan delight to cap our delicious chicken meal

Then off to sunny Loay we went!

Bohol Food Trip: DBR Grill

DBR Grill
Dumaluan Beach Resort
Panglao, Bohol

DBR Grill is most jampacked during dinner time. Why? It's the most convenient and affordable eating places in the heart of Bolod Beach - where two of the most popular beach resorts in Panglao is located, namely, Dumaluan Beach Resort and Bohol Beach Club. If you want the Boracay ambiance, then the most obvious choice would be Alona Beach. But if you want privacy and less noisy crowd, then head to Bolod Beach.

We spent our dinner here for three nights in a row. Oh, for the love of grilled Pinoy food.  

Foreign tourists usually troop to DBR Grill for seafood platter and some cold beer. Obviously, they came from the nearby Bohol Beach Club. On the other hand, Pinoy tourists (mostly DBR guests) go to DBR Grill for dinner. That simple.

Note that DBR Grill is right in front of the Bolod Beach. It's unpretentious dining amidst the sound of waves and cold night breeze. Below are the food we ate.

Sinigang na hipon, grilled pork belly and teeny-tiny chorizo and RICE!!! An order of sinigang na hipon can feed 3 to 4 persons and hey, they don't scrimp on the shrimps!


Kinilaw na tuna, pork barbecue and grilled pork belly and RICE!!! Their kinilaw is to die for. So, on the...

... we got kinilaw again, inihaw na pusit (which, BTW, is too expensive for Php 280) and kinamatisang bulad (or dried fish cooked with lots of tomatoes) and RICE!!! It's a mortal sin not to try kinamatisang bulad because it's very delish!

And it's also a mortal sin if you miss their fruit platter. A healthy dessert indeed.

Bohol Food Trip: The Buzzz

The Buzzz
G/F, Island City Mall
Tagbilaran City
Date of visit: February 12, 2011

No need to buzz in

What's the buzzz?

Lemongrass and mango shakes and complimentary camote bread and homemade mango & pesto spreads

Herbed rice, honey cured ham and fried egg

Spareribs, organic rice (with camote slice) and fruits