Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nomnomnom & Some Post Valentine Benefit Concert

Tomas Morato corner E. Rodriguez Streets
Quezon City
February 18, 2011

My Canon Ixus left me a couple of days before this date, so pardon the substandard quality of my photos below. I did my share of reviving Canon back to life but to no avail. We'll see each other again soon, Canon! Hang in there! (crazy me, rambling)

 Nomnomnom's supposed to serve happy food. However, I'm not happy with this crappy photo quality. The food? Hmmmm.. not so nomnomnom.

It seemed like forever waiting for our food so we decided to take a picture of ourselves. Also, the concert tickets didn't come cheap (at Php 500 each) so we included them in this pic. Let's flash the pricey tickets! Check.

 A pitcher of dalandan juice to hydrate us

 Spinach lasagna covered with loads of cheese

 This dish is simply wonderful. Lotsa cheese and spinach I like!

This one is called "malinomnom" It's a log pizza topped with tinapa flakes, kesong puti and tomatoes. My verdict? Not so malinomnom!

Laws of Love & Laughter: A Post Valentine Benefit Concert*
Featuring Top Suzara
Polari Comedy Club
Creekside Square Building, Tomas Morato Street

It's not everyday that I get to hold a white heart-shaped balloon and, at the same time, drink and blame Tanduay Ice (and supreme nachos on the side) for my giddy look, be tickled to death by Polari's in-house comedians and be serenaded by Top Suzara.** So, smile for the camera!

*A project of Clerk of Court Association of the Philippines (COCAP)
** If you're an avid Freestyle fan back in late 1990's, then you know what I'm talking about.

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