Monday, March 7, 2011

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Guess what? I'm engaged to be married in civil rites this coming June 24, 2011. Believe me, I went through varying degrees of happiness and excitement. 

First, the super-duper kind of happiness and excitement last February 12, 2011 - the day of the proposal! It's unexplainable, really, and I'm still groping for words to describe what I felt at that exact moment. When he assembled the words "I love you. Marry me" using the seashells and corals we picked on the Panglao seashore, I was speechless. Frozen. Beyond happy. Too excited. Images of me and him with our simple yet beautiful lives with our future beautiful children made me very happy and excited! Aside from having a new surname (I still prefer a double-barrelled name for equal billing purposes), the fact that I'm going to share my life with somebody forever excites me. I know engaged women can easily relate to this silly narrative.

Then, the happiness and excitement went down to a stable state. Oh, back to reality. Plans, plans, plans. For this year, I will encounter a change of address, do some interior design, meet his balikbayan brother from the US of A for the first time, then our civil wedding and fly to Merlion City (why aren't you surprised?) for our official honeymoon, pursue a new career (hope so!) and toy with the idea of having a bun in the oven (perhaps). Next year, a church wedding and God only knows what great things He will give to us!

My Eureka moment*

So, the above image, people, is not my engagement ring. (laughs) I took this pic mindlessly. It somehow reminds me that "This is it!" My  fiancĂ© and I secured the pertinent documents for the ceremony. I am indeed getting married! 

*Thanks, SM! You made our lives easier. No more long lines!

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