Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dearest Anna Sophia

Dearest Anna Sophia,

From the very minute I saw you, I was in awe! You are the most cutie patootie baby I've ever seen in my entire life! Okay, we do share similar genes, so I may be biased. Really, as your one and only official aunt, I'll never get tired of singing praises for the breath of fresh air and high levels of cuteness you've brought to our house. I wish that you will live a grand life which you truly deserve - a life fit for a little princess!

May your cheeks stay as plump and red as they are on day you were born! Just kidding!

 Carry on that aura of calmness and freshness forever!

Kidding aside, my dear Pia, make us proud someday! I don't want to elaborate on the key elements to greatness because I know that they are within you already. You are born to be great, remember that! You are born to be gracious (Anna) and wise (Sophia). And if you happen to read this blog, your dear aunt (that's me!) is just so extremely happy and emotional and hopeful for you. I know, a medley of human emotions! One thing's for sure, dear Pia, I love you! Big, big words that you can surely count on, sweetheart! 

Completely enamored with you,
Aunt Jaja