Saturday, April 9, 2011

Yummy Dinner at Pizza Hut Bistro!

2nd week of March, I think.
SM Megamall

Mere mention of Pizza Hut evokes not-so-delish pizza memories. But when I heard that it has added the word "bistro" to its name, I figured out that maybe this pizza parlor did some upgrading. It actually did and I'm definitely coming back! Below are the delicious items that captured my picky taste buds. :)

Oops, not this. I took a picture of their condiment caddy because I find it simple yet classy. :)

Then the yummy dinner items...

 Strawberry salad ~ I heart this salad! I never thought that strawberries make a delicious salad! I think this salad is being offered only this Lenten season.

Buffalo wings ~ Now, who doesn't love crispy chicken wings with midly spicy sauce? Not me!

Bistro paella ~ My fiance and I shared this dish and we found it flavorful with an interesting hint of lime. Nice presentation also.

Since I'm still hesitant to whip up my own strawberry salad as good as Pizza Hut Bistro's, then I think I'm destined to visit PZB again and again... PZ peeps, please make it the whole year round! :)

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