Sunday, March 13, 2011

Home Improvement + Food Trip + Wedding Expo = Helluva Busy Weekend!

March 12-13, 2011

While writing this entry, my leg muscles are certainly painful as a result of a lot of walking and more walking. And yes, I am also certain that this is just the beginning of helluva busy weekends ahead. My fiance and I are really active participants of this journey to - pardon the silliness - togetherness. So, we started this togetherness by making the necessary improvements in our future abode. And this is where I truly internalized that I am indeed an adult! Bye singlehood, hello marriage! 

On the eve of our first busiest weekend ever, I took a picture of my fiance who bought some food for the workers. My heart goes out to blue-collar workers of this godforsaken country.

A Leyteño-Samarnon will always make sure that his fellow Leyteño-Samarnons are properly fed. Hahaha!

March 12, 2011, Saturday
Flourishing Villa (invented by yours truly)

We arrived at the Flourishing Villa at 7: 30 in the morning. I refused to let my migraine ruin the day. Waking up very early sometimes gives me migraine.

So we waited until the admin office opened. Decaf coffee didn't help AT ALL.

Home improvement permit and the workers' IDs are all ready. No choice but to follow THE rules.

Then we walked to some hardware store to get the ceramic tiles we ordered a couple of days ago. Hello morning sun and jeepney and bus fumes! Argh.

Instead of complaining, I looked around for some amusement. In a hardware store, yes!

I don't know with you people, but I really find this sign funny. Dear owner, we can't speak Chinese so say it in Filipino.

Ceramic tile installation 101, you just enlightened me.

And because we're not superheroes and fiance is no Samson also, we hired the deluxe transport called...

... tricycle! Hahaha!

Manong driver of trike # 313 is our Samson that day! 425+ kilos imagine that.

 To counteract further sleepiness, we had our first meal of the day at the nearby Puregold Supermarket. I didn't mind the excess grease since I was really hungry.
 That's the home improvement permit up there. Okay, you're now permitted to improve your home.

Bye vinyl, hello ceramic!

Wiping off the excess cement (the foreman is barking orders like a drill sergeant)


And because I can't tolerate the smell of newly-painted cluster stairs, I went down to the clubhouse of this community. Let's welcome the scorching heat.

These kids didn't mind the midday heat at all. Amazing. My migraine's killing me at this point.

Green, green grass of (future) home... Ready to go home at last!

March 13, 2011, Sunday
Wedding Expo Philippines

We got complimentary tickets for this wedding fair. But before heading to the area, we got stranded at Onesimus for a while.

Uh-oh, someone's so excited for 062411.

And someone's getting hungry from all the walking and walking. Next stop: Karate Kid.

Beef gyudon for me and me alone. Fiance's got his own bowl. 

To support my healthy food campaign, I had tofu furai (fried tofu) as side kick, er, side dish.

And he's always partial to california maki.

Japanese cheesecake as dessert. Yum.

Wedding fair time!

Not as crowded as we thought, yey!

I fell in love with the wedding gown in the middle. Again, I fell in love with the design and not with the hefty price tag. Honor thy budget.

Taking pictures inside the area is prohibited as it violates the intellectual property rights of the exhibitors, unless one is a member of the press. Good thing no one caught me violating the rules with the wedding gown above. Bum. Mer. So we walked and walked and walked around the whole wedding fair area in search of good deals and bright ideas. When we could walk no more, we decided to exit (duh) and only to find out that we walked out with our pockets intact. What a relief! Hahaha!

Honor thy souvenir freak (that would be me). Keep the name tags & the free loot bag full of colorful ideas.

Lastly, honor thy sweet tooth. Have some hot fudge sundaes before going home.

I'm looking forward to more busy weekends like this one. And that's the adult in me speaking.

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  1. naka-relate ako dito, for the last 3 months my fiance and I have been fixing and improving our new place, sobrang nakakapagod, kami lang nagbitbit ng sofa, ref, etc at for two months wala kaming lamesa haha, it's fun for me though, you have a project that both of you can work with like team mates, and now my next headache is the wedding, i'm really clueless where to start.