Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Davao Food Trip: Davao Green Buffet Haus

January 9, 2011
Davao Green Buffet Haus
Pelayo Street, Davao City
Cheapest price for a buffet: Php 128 (really)

Yup, that's right! Their buffet dinner is only Php 128! We were very hesitant to try this one out considering the seemingly low price. In Manila, the cheaper the buffet is, the yuckier the food, right? Well, this resto seems to be an exception. The food is fairly okay. The sad part however is that I was full as a donkey when we dined here. A few hours prior, we had a heavy lunch at Liza's Store in Times Beach.

 So, this is what my first plate looked like. You'd think I was really on a diet, huh? Nah. I went first to the vegetable section of the buffet table. Too bad I forgot to take pictures since I really don't want to impede other diners from getting food. At Php 128, expect human traffic at the buffet table.

1st plate: lumpiang hubad, chopsuey, steamed fish and vine spinach salad (or "ensaladang alugbati") and fruit salad

No rice, yey! Their fruit salad is not the fruit cocktail-type of salad but the "Hey mom, fruits are about to spoil so let's whip up our own version of fruit salad!"-type of salad. Throw in the watermelon, banana, mango and evap milk and voila! You get the picture.

Ginataang kuhol and aaaah... never mind. I forgot the other one, sorry.

To cap off my dinner, I placed some sweet stuff onto my plate.

A slice of watermelon and pineapple, ube halaya, fruity macaroni salad and sweetened banana


  1. i'm gonna feast here soon!!!
    another one

  2. the best talaga green buffet hehehe sarap

  3. natry ko na to! ang sarap and sulit. more power davao green buffet haus.. => mas mahal nga siya sa iba, pero it tastes MUCH BETTER!!

  4. do you have their telephone number?